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Miss Massachusetts Mayflower Princess & Prince Mentoring Program

Register now to become a Massachusetts Mayflower Princess or Prince!

Mayflower Princess/Prince Registration Fee

We are pleased to announce the Miss Massachusetts Mayflower Princess & Prince Mentoring Program for the Miss Massachusetts Scholarship Competition. Open to girls and boys ages 4-12; this program allows them special events/ Mentoring session (virtual or in-person TBD)with Miss Massachusetts,and participation onstage with the 2022 State Competitors at the Miss Massachusetts Competition Finals.

Date of Program: July 2, 2022

Location:The Hanover Theatre, Worcester, MA

Special Events/Mentoring Session Time: TBD

Rehearsal Time: TBD

Arrival for Competition Finals: TBD

Program Entry Fee is $125.00 per Mayflower Princess or Prince.

Entry fee includes official Mayflower Princess or Prince banner, T-shirt, tiara or crown, Virtual Mentoring Session, Rehearsal, participation onstage, and one ticket to attend and watch the Miss Massachusetts Final Competition.

To register your Mayflower Princess or Prince, please fill out the online registration form below. For questions, please contact Donna Wirzburger at ramoburger@comcast.net.

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